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Mar 19, 2013 4:00am PDT
his parents without any problem, then that's up to them. but by law, we're obligated, if somebody tells us they're going to hurt themselves or they're seeing things like this, they meet the criteria and he'll be evaluated. i don't want that coming back to haunt me, thinking that i left a kid here that i could have helped and he goes in there and kills himself. that's just not gonna happen. Ñáçwçñ briefer: so, don't forget it's friday night. the city's hopping already. so don't get hung up on anything stupid out there take your time and listen to your radio. deputy tincu taranu: you see a lot of weird things happen out here. you get the real life on the street. it's a whole different set of rules for life on the street than you got in a lot of areas. i've run into cases when... there's been people that had a $30,000 car. they came out here and sold the title for ten dollars worth of crack cocaine. that's how desperate they were for a crack cocaine rock. alto-six. dispatcher: alto-six. 29 on a new york tag, please. six-foxtrot-four-seven-zero. the door's open. see on that side?
Mar 21, 2013 4:00am PDT
pete c c i started in law enforcement in october of 1969 and i ultimately got hired on in denver in 1978 and my wife, deborah got hired on aurora p.d. in the latter part of july-- or june, rather-- of 1980. deborah was killed in the line of duty. shooting. couple months after that i got shot on the job here in denver. i still like the job. ( garbled radio transmission ) what's up, pete? we just got a call of a burglary in progress in our area. complainant says he's standing by out front and the party is still inside. unit 25. snyder: what did you say? what were you guys doing over there? you-- get your hands up. spread them. i didn't do anything. i was just going to... corr: get over here. back away from him. ouch. that's my wallet. what's it doing up front? it's a big wallet. what were you guys doing over there? we were going to champion's. let's see your i.d. no problem, man. man: it's a long wallet. i just didn't want to carry it up front. ( man speaking ) snyder: all right. these are the guys that were around there though? yeah. all right. let us know. what did we do, man? i don
Mar 26, 2013 4:00am PDT
kind of against the law. i understand, officer. at least i'm not driving. knowles: that's a good point. oh, braddock! this is my friend. you guys are giving him a ride home? yeah, i'll give him a ride home. burk: we called a taxi but we'll cancel it. okay. yeah, i was going by and i saw him. he's all right. officer: good. okay. he's harmless. all right, great. thanks, guys. good night. good night, guys. thank you. you bet. have a good night now. so we basically just woke him up and got him on his feet, and made sure he was okay. offered to call him a taxicab, which we did. and as we were waiting for the taxi a couple of his buddies showed up and were kind enough to give him a ride. the "running around naked" part on the call was probably a figment of somebody's imagination who maybe wanted a quicker response time. [ male announcer ] everyday thousands of people are choosing advil®. my name is taho and i'm a fish guy. it's a labor of love. it's a lot of labor and it's a lot of love. i don't need to go to the gym. my job is my workout. you're shoveling ice all day long. it's rough
Mar 22, 2013 4:00am PDT
. you're not supposed to drive the car. the law says you have to have a valid driver's license. you got a tail light out. suspect: no, i ain't got no... harris: at nighttime, we can't see that temporary registration. let me see your i.d., boss. how old are you, man? twenty-five. come on out. what's the driver's name? my name is james. what's the driver's name? the driver's name? harris: this is what they gave you for registration? this is a bill of sale. oh. i must have lost the rest of it. harris: what are you guys doing down here, man? huh? what are you..? suspect: we was taking him home. you ain't going to find nothing, though. glenn: we stopped the car. the man on the front seat was moving around a little bit. for our protection, we get all three males out and frisk them and the passenger in front dropped the gun to the floor. i originally thought it was a blank gun. it turned out to be a .22 which will kill you as fast as any other gun. it gives you a sense of accomplishment when you take a weapon off the street like that because these guys are young guys. they're not just ridi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4